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Over the past year or so, employers have discovered that team members who work from home can be trusted and won’t simply spend all day ironing or watching TV. Employees, in turn, have discovered the benefits of not having to go to the office every day and have enjoyed being able to take the kids to school or fit in some sport. The key message is that a balance must be found. Tele-working has now become essential but constantly working from home can dampen team spirit, hinder communication and lessen loyalty to the company. Are certain team members harder to motivate when it comes to taking a trip to the office? With the right office design, you may find it easier.

Office design which feels like home

Many employers approach us because they want to make working in the office feel more appealing, so that team members enjoy leaving their home offices and getting back into office life. One of the elements that is vital in your office design is a seating area where colleagues can catch up with one another in an informal setting. In order to save space, you can use the cosy corner that also serves as a kitchen and/or presentation space; in other words, opt for a multifunctional area

You will strengthen the sense of team spirit further by also providing ‘bubbles’ for one to one conversations. In order to ensure that employees really feel at home in the office, warm materials, plants and personal touches, such as photos, are also really useful.

Need for flexible workspaces

If you never have all your employees in the office at the same time, there is no need for fixed workspaces. With flexible workspaces, you can save room and encourage members of different teams to sit together and get to know one another. In this situation, make sure you provide sufficient cupboards as, at the end of each day, your employees must be able to clear their desk space completely. 

Finally, it is vital that your desks and chairs can be adjusted easily so that they can be used by a whole range of different people. You must use ergonomic office furniture in order to prevent back, neck and other problems.

Office design: new-build and renovation

Need help designing a new office or with a renovation? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help with any questions (to clarify your/your employees’ needs) regarding the effective creation of an inspiring workplace.

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Office set-up: focus on ergonomics and design

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