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It may surprise some people but, in order to make your organisation future-proof and keep your employees on-board, wages and add-ons/benefits are not the most efficient method. The best way to do this, by far, is to maintain a positive company culture. But what exactly does that entail? And what does the office layout have to do with it?

Positive company culture in a nutshell

A company which maintains a positive culture and prioritises employee well-being and satisfaction monitors the home/work balance, makes sure work is meaningful, and focuses on collaboration and communication. Research has shown that around three-quarters of employees believe that a well-being programme contributes towards a positive company culture. But, did you know that you can also make a difference with the layout of your office?

Throw your office equipment into the fray

1.    Encouraging well-being

To ensure that employees feel perfectly at home in the office, both physically and emotionally, you must encourage them to live the healthiest possible life. As well as serving fruit and vegetables, for example, and providing psychological support alongside an attractive insurance package, this could also include creating sport and relaxation areas in the office.

2.             Encouraging social contact

Second, relationships on the work floor have a significant impact on a positive company culture. You can imagine the difference between an organisation where employees barely speak to one another and don’t really know each other very well and a company where colleagues are good friends and seek each other out to discuss issues and celebrate successes. 

Social interaction can be encouraged with afterworks, sports sessions and other activities, but also by providing areas such as a breakout space, a cosy coffee-corner, or (why not?) a library or games room

3.            Let natural light flood in

The presence of natural light is more important than you may think. A study from Cornell University showed that sufficient daylight reduced the risk of tired eyes by 51%, the risk of headache by 63% and the sense of tiredness among employees by 56%. PR Newswire, which the study focused on, refers to natural light as ’the best medicine for the office’. For a modern office layout this means not only large and strategically placed windows, but also LED-lights, which mimic natural light.

4.            Beasts of burden

Finally, it is interesting to see that innovative companies such as Google, Amazon and Uber are resolutely choosing animal-friendly offices. Employees are allowed to bring their dogs to the office. According to some studies, ‘pet-friendly policies’ could lead to an increase in productivity of 42% and the presence of pets reduces stress. Of course, the condition must be that none of the team members are scared of dogs or any other furry friends that may be brought to the office.

Tips for a positive company culture

No idea whether your current office stimulates or inhibits a positive company culture? Need tips to increase natural light in the workplace or encourage contact between team members? Our experts will be happy to help you find a customised solution.

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