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As our current working methods are nothing like the working methods fifty years ago, office design ideas have also undergone a significant revolution over the past few decades.

The first offices were laid out according to Taylorism, named after Frank Taylor who introduced endless rows of office desks, with managers who would keep an eye on what was going on from the surrounding offices. Luckily, workplaces nowadays are a bit more welcoming, with a mix of corners to which you can withdraw, and more open spaces. The focus now lies on collaboration and efficiency. After all, office design and layout has a huge impact on your team

The enormous impact of ergonomics 

The context in which your team works or, in other words, the issue of whether the environment is optimally adapted to both their bodies and their activities, has a huge impact on their productivity and well-being. It is worth noting that, alongside psychological issues, muscoloskeletal problems (MSAs) are the most significant cause of workplace illnesses and absence.  

No less than 44% of the working population suffers with back pain while 40% has to cope with pain in the upper body. Investing in ergonomic office materials, such as an ergonomic office chair, is not an excessive luxury; particularly when you realise that, in 2018, the worldwide number of missed working days went up, particularly among white-collar workers. The NIHDI recorded an increase of 14.51% among men and 11.07% among women, while there was a reduction among blue-collar workers.1 

Light, sound and greenery: this is also part of office design 

When you hear about office design and layout you might not consider light and sound, but these aspects also have a huge impact on employees. Team members who work in natural light, for example, are much less likely to suffer from tiredness than employees who work under artificial light.  

When it comes to sound, research conducted by our partner Steelcase among more than ten thousand employees in fourteen countries highlighted that the average office worker loses almost an hour and a half every day due to being distracted.2 Some people work better in complete silence while others need a little music in the background in order to work effectively. An office which can accommodate both of these types is, of course, the ideal scenario. 

Finally, a view of greenery also leads to higher productivity and fewer frustrations. A study from 2019 which was published in American Society for Horticultural Science showed, for example, that even a glimpse of a small house plant generated a significant reduction in stress among office employees.3 

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No idea whether your existing office scores well in terms of ergonomics? Looking for ways to introduce more daylight and increase greenery in your office, and restrict noise? Let us know. Our experts are sure to find solutions that perfectly suit your company situation. 

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