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Redesigned spaces for each use

For over 25 years now, we have specialised in the best way of designing partition walls for business offices.


With all that experience to draw on, we will design the solutions that are best suited to the arrangement and acoustics of your workspace.

Let’s hear it for multi-space!

Open plan offices promote positive exchanges and communication between employees and can easily be made modular and turned into multi-space configurations.

To create multi-spaces (i.e. with a quiet room, think bubble, workbox, think tank, meeting room, etc.) that best accommodate the range of different tasks and functions to be carried out (meetings, getting way to work quietly, making and taking calls, having a coffee, etc.), Alternativ offers a wide range of moveable or modular partitions that can be modified at low cost.

These partitions are always customised to suit. They come with single or double-glazing (or solid walls for total soundproofing), as well as mobile walls for greater modularity.

Ease of installation, aesthetics, multiple finishes and various acoustic solutions are just some of the benefits of our partition walls. Better still, we will install them and remove them as required.

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