Looking for PARTITIONS for your OFFICE in BELGIUM?

Thanks to our 26 years of experience in professional office partitions, we can design the most suitable solutions for the configuration and acoustics of your workspaces in Belgium.

For a long time open space offices have been considered as the ideal solution to bring employees together in a single space to stimulate collaboration, connect people and generate new ideas. However, as communication accelerates and transparency fosters trust, employees in open spaces are desperately looking for ways to control their privacy.

The main distractions in the workspace are not only visual, but acoustic too. More than ever, employees want acoustic and visual comfort at work...

So, the open space, yes, but well arranged. That's when we come in!


Up to 60% of employees are dissatisfied with their acoustic privacy at work.


Stress and distraction are 30% higher in an office that does not have good acoustics.


This is the time that the average office worker loses every day due to distractions. Noise is one of the main sources of this distraction.

We redesign spaces for each use_

  • Acoustic solutions

  • Multiple finishes

  • Esthetic

  • Assured assembly & disassembly

  • Removable partitions

  • Solid partitions

  • Modular solutions

  • Single & double glazing

Discover the different partitions in our realisations_

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