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The world of work is changing_

The world of work is changing. Alternativ meets this upheaval head-on, bringing practical answers in terms of providing a work environment that is creative, dynamic and versatile, while at the same time incorporating new information and communication technologies (NICT) into the workspace.

Design&Build (turnkey and customised), refurbishment and reorganisation of workspaces (even working in premises that are occupied), partitions and moveable walls (modular acoustic solutions), office furniture (we are the official distributor for Steelcase, the world leader in office furniture solutions). We provide you with guidance throughout your project, right through to the handing over of your new workspaces.


We accompany you throughout your project until we receive your new workspaces.

A totally tailor-made management_

The renovation, relocation, reorganisation or redevelopment of a set, offices and workspace requires a very rigorous and constant management.

Our experience has shown us that the time, constraints, spaces, budget and objectives of each company are truly unique.

That is why your project manager advises you, accompanies you and manages your project in a personal way at each step.