Eco's Services & Circular by Steelcase

Eco'Services & Circular by Steelcase

Steelcase confirms its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy with Eco'Services

Steelcase has developed a service that offers a second life to furniture that companies no longer need.

Eco'Services is a turnkey service for clearing buildings and recovering furniture. The goal is to include the renewal of workstations in the circular economy by integrating end-of-life products into new cycles.

A  solution that complies with regulations and adapts to all customer constraints in compliance with safety standards.


  • Consulting
  • Operational control
  • Traceability

WHO IS IT FOR? Responsible and CSR conscious companies that want to contribute to the circular economy.

WAITACK 3 fundamental pillars
STEP 1 Control and know-how are the keys to the success of your project. (1)

Reconditioning with Circular by Steelcase

In addition to clearing out offices and recovering furniture, Steelcase is repackaging its own chairs and desks under a new label "Circular by Steelcase".


  • Complete disassembly of the furniture
  • Complete disinfection
  • Mechanical, structural and fabric repairs
  • Reintroduction to the market via the dedicated platform

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