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Renovation, fitting out, complete and global management of your new offices or workspaces.

Alternativ, partner and representative of the Steelcase brand, has become the specialist in Belgium for innovative, modular, complete solutions adapted to the new world of work.

In 2019, Alternativ is Steelcase Platinum partner

The idea at the heart of the project_


Design & Build

Analysis & Design & Build Consulting

Turnkey process Looking for customised, turnkey management for the design and fit-out project for your new offices? Then our Design & Build process is tailor-made for you!...


Office furniture

Choice of furniture according to your needs and desires

Say ‘YES’ to technological progress!    ...



Renovation and total reorganisation of workspaces

Even if the premises are occupied! Sometimes you have to relocate or renovate your premises to be able to work better. And to make your relocation a success, it pays dividends to prepare well ahead of time....



Redesigned spaces for each use

For over 25 years now, we have specialised in the best way of designing partition walls for business offices.  ...

Inspired ?


Alternativ distributes the most important trendy brands in Design for the optimal realization of your furnishing projects


We can learn a lot from the… MaRS-ians!

Bit of a strange headline? Well, not really… Because the MaRS-ians we are talking about are busy demonstrating their amazing innovative abilities as they beaver away at MaRS, the world’s biggest incubator. MaRS is located in Toronto and provides laboratories and office space for young talents – genuine pioneers in their field who are committed to working in a better world. This is certainly the case if workspace tops the list of their aspirations!

How does biophilia influence work at the office?

Biophilia is a concept based on inviting nature inside a living space, an office. The latest fad? Absolutely not. Several studies have shown the positive impact introducing natural elements in the office on the well-being and productivity of the employees. A word of explanation.

LolaLiza : How do you boost creativity?

By daring to use change as a springboard for renewal! Ever-responsive, the Belgian fashion brand, LolaLiza, has just played a real master card by investing in a new head office, closer to Rue Neuve, the retail nerve centre of Brussels, where all of the company staff now work on the same floor…

The Tree of Life: more than just a symbol!

We spend a huge amount of time at the place where we work. So, that being the case, we really need to feel good when we are there. Everyone agrees that psychological wellbeing has an impact on individual and collective performance. Which is why, at the request of BAM Contractors, Alternativ took on the assignment to turn the company’s reception area into a bustlingpleasant and inspiring place.


“My colleagues and our clients are enchanted. This is a great success and we owe it, in particular, to Alternativ’s constant availability in supervising the project.

There are few intermediaries between the sales manager and the designer of the plans.

Finding a representative to discuss the choice of furniture or colours with was easy. I commend this open and honest collaboration”.

“They immediately understood what the needs of Napoleon Games were

It was an excellent experience, and I would recommend them to anyone with plans to redesign their office”

“Thanks to several workshops with Alternativ, we involved employees in the process of creating new workspaces almost from the start. I remember many enriching exchanges of ideas. And if the staff’s extremely enthusiastic comments are anything to go by, the result is everything they hoped for! Moreover, I highly recommend Alternativ for their creativity. They are real pros at realising projects that are out of the ordinary.”

When asked to summarise his experience of working with Alternativ in one word, Cédric’s immediate response was: “efficient”. Considering the experience in more detail, he also added “proactive, flexible – especially when it comes to costs – and attentive”.

“Our people really love the new set-up – especially the kitchen, which has become a hub where people can meet, greet, eat and communicate. It’s the kind of warm, friendly place that encourages people to work together better. This innovative and creative project not only looks good, but it also summarises the main qualities that we have come to know and enjoy at Alternativ.”

“We have worked with Alternativ in the past and very much appreciated their attention to detail and the project manager’s ability to listen. The teams in the field are exceptionally efficient.

“It’s a real pleasure to work with Alternativ,”

Being there to listen – that is a real quality indicator. Like having a passion for work well done. Mr Brunori sums it up, “at Alternativ, they love their work!”

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