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Bit of a strange headline? Well, not really… Because the MaRS-ians we are talking about are busy demonstrating their amazing innovative abilities as they beaver away at MaRS, the world’s biggest incubator. MaRS is located in Toronto and provides laboratories and office space for young talents – genuine pioneers in their field who are committed to working in a better world. This is certainly the case if workspace tops the list of their aspirations!

MaRS stands for Medical and Related Sciences

In 2000, MaRS opted to be located in Toronto’s Discovery District, which is in the heart of the city, along with universities and research centres – rather than in an isolated out-of-town campus like Silicon Valley.

What goal has MaRS set itself? To support start-ups from all over the world as they push back the boundaries in sectors such as energy, the environment, commerce, finance, information technologies and many more, while helping them to make the most of their innovations.

How does MaRS do it? By putting all these fledgling businesses in contact with politicians, commercial salespeople, investors and HR specialists. In a word, everything they need to promote optimum networking.

MaRS is also home to TransPod, which specialises in ultra-high-speed transport and which is working on Hyperloop technology.

Betting on its ability to combine forces to good effect, MaRS offers all-comers the same workspace.

And it’s not just any workspace!

In fact, MaRS is located in a wing of Toronto general hospital, an imposing historic 4-storey brick building on to which has been grafted a gigantic glass atrium and a number of 20-storey towers.

This is where more than 6,000 talented young innovators from some 250 companies rub shoulders with each other on a daily basis. Impressive, to say the least!

On MaRS with Steelcase

As the biggest new business incubator in the world, MaRS called on Steelcase (our partner) to shine a spotlight on its facilities to start-ups wanting to work with a company specialising in workspace design.

We can never say it enough: to encourage the emergence of new projects and to boost creativity, you have to create spaces that are, well… creative!

The working environment needs to be able to enable talented people to work together, share ideas and network.

So it is vital to design workspaces based on the multiple uses they are put to (open space, shared space, collaborative space, private space, work café, lounge zone, etc.). And in particular, you need to include the tech side of things (digital tools, videoconferencing, sharing content across several computers – specifically by applying the Virtual Puck application from Steelcase) at the heart of office design!

Not forgetting to promote wellbeing in the workplace – which is a key factor in attracting (and retaining) creative young guns!

To find out all you need to know about tomorrow’s world of work, we strongly recommend you to read the ultra-documented 360° magazine published by our partner, Steelcase!

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