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Your branding does not stop when your logo has been designed or the website has been launched. To really strengthen your corporate identity, you must also incorporate this into your office design.

In 2015, Zeynep Dagli from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design at Hacettepe University published a paper in which she stressed that a well-defined identity and the corresponding and reinforcing interior design was a significant contributor towards the success of a company.

Interior design as part of your branding

Interior design is often overlooked in branding projects. Nevertheless, your physical space is part of your corporate identity and you should apply the same rules as you do to your expressions of communication. Only then can you offer the all-in experience which feels ‘right’ and authentic. But this not only applies to the outside world; it also ensures that your values as an organisation are clear and tangible for your staff.

Your mission translated into furniture

If your company, for example, boasts about its sustainability efforts, then recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting and sustainable materials should be emphasised in your interior design. If your organisation’s main priority is creativity and originality, you should not make do with the standard office design in beige and grey.

Across all locations

Even if you operate from one base, it is crucial to use the same colours, materials and accessories in all areas. However, the importance of being consistent increases as you expand across multiple offices, which may also be dotted across different countries. Your office design is the perfect way to ensure a unified appearance across all the various branches, and to ensure that employees who may be separated geographically feel as if they are part of one team.

The same goes for companies that operate one or more stores alongside a head office. If you are selling robust, outdoor clothing, it is confusing if you opt for an office layout which exudes luxury and a party atmosphere. A handy test? When you describe your stores and office, would you be able to use the same words?

Walls as a gratifying palette

Taking your walls in hand is a simple way to transfer your corporate identity to the workplace. Imagine the difference between offices where the walls are covered in acoustic panels in company colours or in wooden cladding, or perhaps where the bricks are left exposed. 

Customised office design

Despite providing these very generalised tips, we know better than anyone that office design always involves customisation. So, drop by for a chat with our experts about translating your corporate identity into your interiors.

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