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Your office design has a huge impact on the well-being of your employees and largely determines how often they (if they have a choice) will choose your office building over their ‘home office’.

The ‘right’ office design doesn’t exist. It must simply be attuned to your employees’ tasks, who you are as an organisation, and the image you wish to project. So, a modern office is not necessarily the best match for every business. In short: office design must always be tailored to individual requirements! 

Office design according to activities… 

Ideally, your office design must take account of the activities on the work floor. A lawyer’s office will differ from an office for a marketing agency, for example. You must assess which tasks your employees carry out, using a survey, for example.  

  • Do they often receive customers and would they rather do that in a meeting room or in the coffee corner? 
  • Do they need to brainstorm, and will that work best in a space with a more light-hearted appearance? 
  • Do they take dozens of telephone calls a day or do they tend to sit and quietly work on their laptops? 

You may have already noticed from the questions: needs may vary between teams and, ideally, your office design must take account of this. 

… and then there’s the level of usage 

Second, you need to think about the level of usage. Nowadays, it’s safe to assume that you won’t find everyone in the office every day. Perhaps you no longer need permanent desks because home-working has become the new normal? The answer to this question can sometimes have far-reaching consequences. If you have a choice to opt for a smaller office within your co-working space, for example, it might be worth making the move. 

At home in the office 

Finally, you should also ask your team members exactly what they need to feel at home in the office. That feeling is what makes the journey from home to work worthwhile. You can generate this sense of being ‘at home’ with spaces which reinforce togetherness and which offer the necessary comforts. This could include cosy rugs (which also improve acoustics), soft chairs, warm lighting, curtains, plants and an inviting terrace

We will deliver a tailor-made office design 

You’ve got it: office design is a question of customisation. So, consult the figures you already have (e.g. from the HR department) but talk to your people too, using surveys, brainstorming sessions, focus groups or by means of ambassadors. No idea how to tackle this? Our experts will be happy to help  

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