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Although we are more frequently working from home and Skype, Teams or other online meetings are becoming the norm, sometimes you simply can’t beat an in-person meeting.

Not everyone finds it easy to speak up during virtual meetings. Online, you also miss non-verbal cues that might indicate that certain people are not in agreement. Online meetings can be a genuine drain on your energy, particularly when there are a lot of people taking part. Isn’t it lovely to get together once in a while in the office? Great idea, especially if you create the appropriate context and atmosphere. Find out how you can do this when equipping your conference room.

1.    The type of conference table

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your conference room is the conference table which brings you all together. When choosing this ‘centrepiece’, consider:

  • the available space; you should have at least one and a half metres between the chairs and the walls.
  • the shape of the conference table: a round table offers a more intimate atmosphere and allows more participants to take part (allow for at least 10 cm between each chair), but a rectangular table can also provide a pleasant meeting space.
  • the type of table: choose a worktop material which doesn’t show up every coffee cup mark or fingerprint.

You might want to ensure the space is as flexible as possible so that you can use it for various activities? Then, rather than opting for one large conference table, you might be better off choosing smaller tables, depending on the situation, that can be split up or used all together.

2.    Features in your conference room

When setting up your conference room, you should also consider the communication and auxiliary resources that you might need, such as a projector and a screen, a flip-chart, and a smartboard so that colleagues who are working at home can follow proceedings. You will also need smaller accessories such as holders for pens, notebooks and files. Make sure that your conference room also has a pleasant appearance using plants, atmospheric lighting, comfortable chairs, or other interior items.

3.    Your branding and your company image

Finally, your ideal conference room should reflect your company’s identity. You can create a good match in this context with strategic colour choices and by opting for the right designer furniture. And why not have the logo on the walls of the meeting room, or a picture that reflects the company activities?

We would be happy to help with setting up your conference room. Let us know how we can help.

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