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We all spend too long sitting down. Studies with special meters have shown, for example, that Flemish adults spend over eight hours per day in their chairs.

That’s almost 60% of their day! This not only means that a standing desk might be a good choice because it offers a welcome variation, but also that we must ensure that we are doing all this sitting in the best possible way. Find out how you can improve the ergonomics at your desk.

1.   Set your chair correctly

This might seem fairly obvious to most, but you would be surprised how many employees have an ergonomic office chair … which is not adapted to their bodies. Defeating the purpose somewhat!

A few focus areas:

  • your feet must be flat on the ground. while your legs form a right angle
  • your arms must form a right angle and stay as close to your body as possible (that means that most employees should have their mouse and mouse mat closer to the body than they realise, otherwise they will bend too far forwards over their desks).
  • the lumbar support in the back of the chair must be set to fill the curve of your lower back.
  • your chair’s back support must be slightly tilted so that it supports your back properly

Of course, there are other resources such as footrests, which help to ensure a good seated position.

2.   Set your computer screen to the right height

The majority of people with an office job stare at their computer screens for many hours each day. But, if that screen is too high or too low, your neck could soon become strained. Do you only work on your laptop? Then you could consider installing a laptop stand and connecting a separate keyboard too.

3.   Use a headset or speakers

Anyone who has to make a lot of calls and especially those who need to take notes or tap away on their keyboard at the same time should treat themselves to a headset. Holding a telephone between your shoulder and ear or even holding onto it in your hand is definitely not ergonomic.

Encouraging ergonomic responsibility?

Want to find out what suggestions our experts have to encourage ergonomics in your office, or pick their brains on how to improve the layout? Come and have a chat.

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