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Office chairs come (quite literally) in all shapes and sizes It isn’t easy finding that one chair which will offer your employees the perfect seated posture, among the huge range of chairs on offer.

Whether they are working at home or in the office: your employees spend a huge amount of time sitting down and neck and back problems are never far away if you fail to take account of their bodily structures and activities when choosing an office chair. But how do you find the perfect ergonomic office chair?

The settings on an ergonomic office chair

It is vital that you choose an office chair that has a range of different settings and can be easily adapted to the height and weight of the user. Ideally, you should be able to:

  • adjust the height of the chair to the length of the legs so that the feet can be placed flat on the ground with the knees forming a right-angle,
  • adjust the seat depth to the length of the upper legs,
  • adjust the back support height so that the curve precisely fits the curve of the user’s lower back.
  • adjust the arm rests so that the shoulders and neck are relaxed (ideally, the arms stay as close to the body as possible and form an angle of 90°).
  • tilt the back support so that the chair supports the movements of the user and doesn’t work against them.

Most ergonomic office chairs are made for people with a ‘standard’ height and weight. Smaller people are often overlooked because factories base their items on users that are an average 1.8 metres tall, however it might only take a well-placed foot stool for shorter workers to feel comfortable too. Larger or heavier workers might benefit from an office chair with an extra thick cushion or reinforced leather.

Take account of context.

Finally, it is logical that you should not buy a low office chair if users are working at a standing desk. In other words, the context in which the chair is being used should also be taken into account. This context includes:

  • appearance, the design and the colour of the chair are all elements that must fit in with your branding and the image of your company,
  • the floor covering in the office (not all wheels will roll smoothly on every surface),
  • and your budget.

Would you like us to help you clarify the overall picture, and support you in your choice of an ergonomic chair or other office furniture?

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