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Say ‘YES’ to technological progress!



What’s the best way to relieve the tension in your back after a full day sitting down in the office?

Physiotherapists and ergonomics experts will tell you to keep varying your posture throughout the day. Inside a workspace, this boils down mainly to installing chairs and other seating arrangements that are ergonomic and even intuitive, responding to the movements of your body.

It also means having desks where you can work sitting down or standing up, providing couches that encourage working with others – and so on. Alternativ keeps up to date with all of the technological advances made in the world of office furniture.

Furnishings that reflect your company image

We all like to feel good at home; so why not extend this principle to the office?

Let’s analyse the modern world of work: workspaces can now be chosen à la carte and new generations of workers are more sensitive to design features than previously. Top-quality, modular office furniture with inspired designs is the aesthetic signature of your business.

Which is why Alternativ works with a whole range of leading office furniture brands and is proud to be the official distributor for Steelcase, world leader in office furniture solutions.

Let’s talk budget…

Are you looking for desks, office seating, executive chairs, cupboards and cabinets, furniture for meeting rooms and communal areas, reception desks?

Whatever your needs, you can always rely on the Alternativ project manager to understand your requirements and develop and/or respect your specifications (for your image, needs, budget and deadlines). You can also expect him/her to coordinate, step by step, exactly how your new furnishings will fit into an inspiring work environment.

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