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When you are designing a new office or renovating an existing workspace, you must consider a range of issues.

You need to think about sustainability and other office trends and the fact that most employees are increasingly working from home. But it is your activities that will largely define the office design. Here, we will run through the requirements for a co-working space for lawyers, where privacy and security must be prioritised but not to the detriment of a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Most contemporary offices are open spaces. This type of landscape office also offers a range of benefits. It encourages contact and spontaneous knowledge-sharing between team members who often hold (informal) meetings. An open office also tends to be more inspiring and dynamic than separate desks and is more suited to hybrid working practices, which have been adopted by many employees and employers over the past couple of years. 

When it comes to a legal office, however, there are also a few disadvantages to having an open office space, as it prevents sensitive issues being discussed privately. A co-working space for lawyers must therefore include an area where clients and employees can find privacy. The use of glass walls creates a sense of openness in a landscape office, without jeopardising client privacy.

Co-working space or cosy coffee corner?

You could, of course, choose separate (glass) offices for everyone but you must also ensure you create a cosy and welcoming kitchen, coffee corner or shared seating area. It is only this type of benefit that will make going into the office to work worthwhile (braving the traffic jams and other inconveniences) for your team members. Informal areas, particularly in the context of a legal office, are also vital to create a more informal and welcoming atmosphere and put clients at ease.

Dealing with sensitive information

Finally, the need for privacy not only applies to telephone conversations and (online) meetings; the confidential information that is found on laptops and in files must also be carefully protected. Legal offices must therefore be equipped with desks and laptop cabinets that can be locked securely, a paper shredder in order to destroy documents so they cannot be read, and a secure filing area

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