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The concept of agile working is nothing new. This working and organisational method emerged years ago in many companies with a view to encouraging the autonomy of employees and anticipating customer wishes more quickly.

This resulted in the introduction of multidisciplinary teams, short sprints which enabled rapid adjustments to be made, and resources such as whiteboards on which project progress could be easily displayed. There was also a growing realisation that an agile working environment is vital. Here, you will find out precisely what that means and how you can help to create it.

What is an agile working environment?

Short communication lines are as much part of an agile working environment as ergonomic office chairs are part of a modern office. Daily stand-ups, planning meetings and other short meeting moments are vital. This means an agile workplace which facilitates cooperation and dialogue between teams, along with well-equipped conference rooms, but also cosy corners which encourage spontaneous conversations, without disturbing the other workers. Along with other items, acoustic partition walls can make a world of difference in this context. 

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are also inextricably linked with the agile approach. When translated into an office set-up, this means that you can let go of the classic ‘everyone has their own desk and chair’ approach. A lounge area in the kitchen, a graffiti artist who gives the walls in the hall a makeover… Well, why not? Ask around among your employees to find out what they regard as a pleasant and inspiring workplace, and what they need in order to come up with new ideas.

Alternativ, with the A from Agile

Whether you are setting up a new office or renovating your existing workspace: Alternativ will simplify the process of providing your team with an agile working environment. Together, we will set the goals and needs, draft realistic plans, organise your office so that it encourages agile working practices, integrate modular zones that guarantee the necessary flexibility, and provide a range of premium office furniture. Sounds good? Feel free to get in touch for more information!

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