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Coworking Spaces

Are you thinking about opening a coworking facility?  Congratulations!  It’s a booming sector.  So, how do you go about

  • Installing the coworking facilities for work and socialization purposes?
  • Integrating a plethora of services in the coworking facilities, i.e. secretariat, cafeteria, event or exhibition rooms, shop or aperitif corner?
  • Styling the coworking facilities to attract and retain entrepreneurs, startuppers, freelancers and creatives from diverse backgrounds?

That is our job!

Work + networking

Why is coworking constantly gaining in popularity? Because it combines workspaces (private or shared workspaces, meeting rooms, etc.) and socialization and/or relaxation spaces (cafeteria, bar, relaxation corner, exchange areas, gaming rooms, event and/or exhibition facilities, etc.) – an alchemy whose formula Alternativ knows inside and out!


A work environment that (at long last!) makes you want to work….

What are co-workers looking for in fact? A place where they can network and share ideas, but not just any place! Co-workers want a user-friendly, creative, lively, even elegant or arty work environment… In a word: an environment with a soul! A study of the spatial organization, optimal use of light, modular furnishings (alcove, box, cell, partitions, etc), quality materials, colourful textiles, hip light fixtures, etc. — the creatives and interior designers of Alternativ have a knack for creating workspaces that are productive and motivating at the same time!
It’s the buzz of the moment…


We will take care of
… everything!

We will:
Analyse your coworking project according to your budget and set a realistic schedule;
• Arrange work and socialization spaces;
• Install hyperconnected workstations;
• Formalise arrangements with subcontractors (space planner, engineer, decorator, electrician, painter, etc.);
• Manage the works;
• Coordinate your project from A to Z!

Need a little help?

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