Agile Working - Alternativ - From Design To Realisation!

Agile Working is breezing ahead.

This approach to work which promotes autonomy for everyone and the adaptation of all to the changes required by the client, entails the complete reorganization of the workspace!

The right work environment for every work method!

Where can representatives of Scrum teams be brought together? How is a stand-up meeting room to be arranged? Which space is best suitable for Sprint teams?  To make sure that the Agile Working method is experienced by every participant in the world of work, Alternativ undertakes to define new individual and collective workspaces so as to provide a suitable environment for the objectives you have set.


A single point of contact

Alternativ will assign a project manager for you who will become your single go-to contact for:

  • Determining your objectives according to your object;
  • Setting a realistic schedule;
  • Reorganizing the workspace to support the Agile Working teams;
  • Integrating modular areas in the workspace, as flexibility and adaptability are part and parcel of the Agile culture;
  • Providing a vast choice of height-adjustable stand-up furniture;
  • Coordinating your project from A to Z.


Need a little help?

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