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There are a number of unwritten rules when it comes to colour choices. It is usually only children, for example, who like to use fuchsia pink or giraffe yellow crockery. And we usually steer clear of bright blue plates as this colour subconsciously makes us think of rotting food.

And, when it comes to your office equipment, exactly the same applies. There are a few colours that are best avoided and a few shades that will have a positive effect on your employees. The effect that is produced, however, depends entirely on the context. In other words, you should reconcile your office colours with the (primary) activities that take place in the rooms. 

Brainstorming… in orange 

Orange is a soft, warm colour that cheers us up and stimulates creativity. A completely orange room would be a bit overwhelming but an accent wall in this colour is a great choice for a location where teams often meet in order to brainstorm, particularly in combination with suitable office furniture that encourages collaboration, such as the systems from Steelcase

Calming colours in the office 

You have probably never seen an office which didn’t have a white wall or two. This is because the colour creates the necessary calm and does not distract employees. Other neutral shades that have a similar effect and encourage concentration include light beige, or variants of brown or grey. These are also slightly warmer and cosier than their bright, white counterparts. But make sure that you do not go too dark with grey or brown, as this won’t make anyone happy.  

Blue for greater productivity 

Would you like to improve productivity? Then you could opt for a blue wall or office furniture in that colour. Blue stimulates people without them feeling pressured. The colour is associated with an open sky, and puts us at ease. It’s the ideal choice for a meeting room and you won’t go far wrong if you choose it for a landscape office too. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

The colour of harmony? 

We will close with a shade that you might not expect to find in an article about office colours: pink. This colour is well-known for connecting and pacifying people. This makes pink the ideal choice for your coffee corner, for example. Of course, don’t forget to ensure this type of risky colour suits your branding. If you would like your organisation to exude quality and a certain seriousness, a pink kitchen wall might be a step too far. 

Advice from Alternativ 

Choosing colours for your office: it’s no easy task. To ensure that you get it right first time, you can bring in our experts to help you. They will be happy to get you on track, or take all the work off your hands with a full office design, as we have successfully done for numerous businesses over the past few years. 

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