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Your office furniture must not be boring. Ideally, it should showcase the identity of your business, both to visitors and employees, and create an inspiring, comfortable and productive working environment in which team members can perform at their best. Finally, the best types of office furniture also excel when it comes to sustainability. A real puzzle? We will focus on the various aspects below. 

Branding with office furniture 

Office furniture is a useful tool for highlighting your company’s identity and underscoring your branding. You might want it to reflect the colours in your logo. You will certainly make an impression if this is reflected in the office chair and reception sofa upholstery or even in the floor coverings.  

But there’s so much more to consider. Your office furniture must also suit the image or the personality of your organisation. If you position yourself as a rebellious, trendy brand, classic chairs in the reception area are not a great choice. But if you want (potential) customers to regard you as a reliable partner and a steady port in the storm, you are probably better off not experimenting with flashy colours in your office furniture.  

Productive with office furniture 

An office must not only radiate your company identity, it must also offer a pleasant working location. This means that ergonomics are a major consideration and that goes further than just buying ergonomic office chairs. It could also include height adjustable desks, for example, so that employees can switch between standing and sitting

And how about dividing walls? These create an intimate atmosphere that encourages calm working even in an open office. There are also other models which offer an acoustic function. These prevent the enthusiastic tapping on a keyboard by one employee distracting another team member who needs to concentrate, to mention just one benefit of noise-reducing walls

Sustainability in the office?  

There are various features that make office furniture sustainable (or not as sustainable as it could be). Useful life is an important factor in this context. It goes without saying that long-lasting meeting tables, office cabinets and drawer units are preferable to their counterparts that give up the ghost after a few years. In this respect, you will be fine with all the brands in the Alternativ range. We are, for example, a partner of Steelcase, an American manufacturer that is synonymous with quality and has been marketing and selling high-end office furniture for years.  

With Steelcase, you are also taking care of the environmental impact, the second item that you can note on your sustainability list. The brand received the ‘2021 Better Practice’ award for its energy management from the American ministry of energy. Moreover, it is part of the ‘2020 sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program’ from Shaw, America’s largest carpet company, which rewards businesses for their ‘tremendous effort and progress to support the wellbeing of people and the planet amid the unprecedented challenges of 2020’. 

Finally, anyone who values buying local, will be keen to hear that we have a range of Belgian items in our range from Extremis, Polyvision, Robberechts and BuzziSpace (which works exclusively with recycled materials); our northern neighbours are also well-represented by brands such as Arper, Artifort and Moooi

Choosing office furniture? Let us support you 

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