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Steelcase Flex Collection

You want to offer to your teams spaces where they feel safe. But the Covid19 gives you a lot of trouble with the layout of your offices? 

The office needs to be not only safer, but also more resilient and flexible to adapt to the changes we are facing in a post-Covid world.

However, while infection control is a new goal, it should not be pursued at the detriment of cohesion, creativity and productivity!

That's why we offer you a collection that puts you in control: the Flex collection from Steelcase. +32 2 627 18 55

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    Be Covid-safe today

    And anticipate, in the near future, the post-Covid world

    Focus on this collection

    01. Steelcase Flex Collection consists of a range of tables, carts, screens and accessories.
    02. This collection is designed to empower agile and creative teams to adapt their space on demand.
    03. Designed with interconnectivity and clever details, the entire collection works together allowing teams to reconfigure their space in a matter of minutes. The pieces work well on their own, but just like teams, they work better together.
    04. The Steelcase Flex Collection offers a wide range of materiality options - veneers, laminates, textiles, lux coatings and paints -, encouraging creativity and self-expression, enabling you to create team spaces that are unique.
    Steelcase Flex Collection (2)

    Specifications :


    • H1800 mm x W900 mm (13 mm thickness)

    On desk screens

    • Privacy position

    Total height H475 mm
    Privacy H300 mm
    Modesty H175 mm

    • Modesty position

    Total height H475 mm
    Privacy H100 mm
    Modesty H375 mm

    Freestanding screens

    • Angle: ​ H1200 mm x W900 mm
    • Rectangular short : H1200 mm x W900 mm
    • Rectangular tall : H1800 mm x W900 mm​

    Acoustic boundary

    • H2000 mm x W1473 mm x D540 mm

    Wall rail

    • L2000 mm
    • L1000-1999 mm (customized)

    Height Adjustable Desk with Simple or Active Touch

    • D600 and D800 mm : W1200 – 1800 mm
    • Lift 1 : H720 – 1200 mm ​
    • Lift 2 : ​H650 – 1250 mm


    • Slim table : W1600 mm x D450 mm ​
    • Work table standing ​: D600 mm and D800 mm; W1200 – 1800 mm
    • Work table seated ​: D600 mm and D800 mm; W1200 – 1800 mm
    • Stand : H965mm


    • Team Cart : W1168 mm x D508 mm x H1155 mm​
    • Board Cart : W1168 mm x D508 mm x H1155 mm

    Basket + cup

    • Basket : ​ W295 mm x D360 mm x H190 mm
    • Cup : ​ W145 mm x D140 mm x H175 mm

    Power hanger

    • 3m cable length (3 power outlets + 2 USB)

    Power Stand

    • H810 mm
    • H1120 mm
    • 5m cable length (3 power outlets + 2 USB)

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