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When will the lockdown end? Trick question!

However one thing is sure: in terms of work organisation, there will be a before and after Covid-19!

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And let's find together solutions against Covid19!

    In Belgium, the government invites each company to follow the general prevention measures in order to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

    Preventive measures mean that, after lockdown, life in the office will no longer be the same!

    Aux entreprises de veiller à la sécurité et au bien-être de chacun sur le lieu de travail en mettant en place des dispositifs simples mais ingénieux pour éviter la propagation du virus.

    To begin with: hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will become widespread, employees will greet each other without shaking hands and everyone will prefer the individual office to the flex office!

    How can we optimize productivity without compromising safety?

    It's a trick question too, but we have the answers!

    Soon, it will be necessary to participate in the reassurance of each employee, to rethink how to stay connected if the trend to home-working were to increase?

    In general, it will be essential to rethink, reconfigure and redesign the actual organization of the workspace to respect measures of social distancing.

    And above all, it will also be important to anticipate the good of everyone in the post-Covid world!

    Our solutions

    In the short, medium and long term

    The Work@home, the genuinely smart office

    Rental of office furniture - Home office

    Support for the reconfiguration of your workspace

    Polycarbonate desk partitions

    The Flex collection

    Partition panels with environmentally friendly materials

    Steelcase modular shields

    Plexiglass partitions between tables, by Fermob

    Complete cleaning and restoration of your seats

    Accessories: trash can, soap dispenser, sanitary bollard

    For most employees, the office they will discover on their return will be quite different from the one they left.

    01. Responding in the now

    Organizations need to retrofit the workplace with what they have today, using the health guidelines available now. In a few words, allow the return of the first employees without risking their health!

    02. Planning for the near-term

    As the first wave of workers adjust, organizations can start implementing changes to reconfigure the workplace in anticipation of the return of more individuals.

    03. Looking toward the far

    As we reinvent the workplace, science-based solutions will integrate with emerging technology to deliver employee safety and an even higher level of employee wellbeing. But the “far” may not be that far away...