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Flexible working hours, flexible workspaces, the option of working from home, a clean desk policy… these are all part of the NWOW or the New Way of Working.

Many businesses only applied the new way of working because they had to, however they are now seeing the benefits of this approach. The NWOW is the key to an improved work/home balance, an increased sense of autonomy, commitment and work satisfaction; it helps to combat stress with respect to the home/work balance and can also support more sustainable working methods.

NWOW: the ingredients

The New Way of Working is characterised by a large degree of flexibility and the use of new technologies. Digital tools are crucial in order to collaborate from various locations, to ensure accessibility to material and information, and to improve efficiency and safety. This could include a shared server or a user-friendly intranet, and communication methods such as videochat and conferencing tools.

In this context, flexibility is vital. Because we won’t all be coming to the office every day any more, flexible workspaces will take the place of fixed desks, and multifunctional meeting rooms will be standard in any self-respecting organisation.

Activity-based working

The NWOW is closely associated with activity-based working. This term refers to the fact that employees may choose between a range of settings, and that they will be guided in their choice by the specific tasks they have to complete. Drafting a difficult email may require the focus area, behind a closed door; brainstorming sessions with a few colleagues are more suited to an inspiring spot in the seating area; a quick phone call can be made from a ‘phone bubble’; and meetings will have to be booked in a separate room with equipment such as a presentation screen. 

The power of office design

You will have noticed: the space is the driving force behind the New Way of Working. It is the office design that inspires innovation and new insights, that encourages productivity, motivates your employees to work together and also strengthens loyalty to the organisation. So, you should take your time when designing your new office or renovating your existing office space. You can rely on our expertise to get the most from the NWOW and ensure you are future-proof.

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