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From online meetings to working in the cloud: technology has become an integral part of our professional lives and offers many benefits, including greater efficiency and connectedness, particularly when it comes to hybrid or new working methods.

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1. Home automation… in the office 

We have previously dealt with the importance of adequate light and ventilation and the right temperature. But, what if your office already fulfils all these parameters? Houses are becoming smart dwellings thanks to home automation and these systems are now finding their way into offices too.  

You can either set each aspect of the working environment with your iPad or smartphone, or opt for a system with built-in sensors that does the work for you. A huge advantage of the latter is that it automatically adapts the air conditioning and air supply, for example, according to the number of employees that are in the office. After all, you can no longer assume that everyone will come into the office to work every day. You can, in turn, create a pleasant environment and also save money: great news. 

Did you know that smart lighting is even more important when there are major age differences between your team members? Older employees need a lot more light than their younger colleagues in order to work, and avoid headaches and tired eyes. Ideally, you can help in this context by providing personalised lighting with a simple tap on your smartphone. The most advanced apps even remember the user’s preferences and adapt the lighting automatically when he or she sits down at a flexi-workplace, as used within the NWOW (New Way of Working). 

2. Visitor registration for your smart office 

A smart office also needs a visitor registration system to check-in suppliers and customers. This type of digital solution is much more elegant than a clipboard with a handwritten list and also increases security and reduces the risk of errors. You could also opt for an unmanned reception or an unmanned desk. With the latter, a visitor registration system also offers advantages. Your guests do not have to wait if the receptionist is busy distributing the post, answering calls, or other tasks.  

3. A smart office chair and table 

Finally, there are various ergonomic office chairs which automatically adapt to the height of the user and his/her preferences. Or, how about a sit/stand desk that warns you when your employees have been sitting or standing up for too long, and then enables them to change their position? 

As you will have already realised: the options are endless when it comes to creating a smart office. We’ll be happy to help

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