The talented people behind a great project: Meet Alexis - Alternativ

Last December, Argo Law inaugurated its new offices at the new POST X site. Argo entrusted Alternativ with the management of 1,500 m² of rented space from start to finish (Design & Build).

But who are the talents working at Alternativ in fact ? Please meet Alexis D’Archambeau.

True passion doesn’t count the years. This is ably demonstrated by Alexis D’Archambeau, who recently embarked on a career change. Junior Trader in a coffee trading company, Alexis has occupied the position of Business Developer at Alternativ for the past year and a half.

This young and energetic thirty-something has become the inexhaustible go-to person at Alternativ for modular and/or multipurpose spaces, as well as how working spaces should adjust to individuals. He also specialises in the right client relationship strategies to use.

Tell us (briefly) about your career.

“I come neither from the world of design nor from architecture. No, my background is in trading commodities. At Alternativ, my job is to acquire new clients, as well as to boost Alternativ’s competitiveness and cement our presence in the marketplace. I also handle the sale of office furniture as part of our partnership with Steelcase, the world leader in office furniture.”

What was your exact role in the Argo Law project?

“I was the person behind the initial contacts between the client and Alternativ. After that, Greet De Munter, our Project Manager on the Argo Law job, created the concept and developed the Design & Build project, from A to Z. I also took care of the office furniture side of things, from selecting the products to the finished.”

Who is your favourite designer?

“When it comes to furniture, I’d say Steelcase and Bolia, who have understood the importance of bringing efficient furniture into offices. An example of this are the sofas: they’re cosy to sit on, but have firmer seat cushions. The aim is to create an ‘at home’ environment that is truly inspiring.”

What is the ideal working environment?

“There’s no textbook answer to that. The ideal working environment will always depend on the needs of the user. The real challenge is to analyse the client’s requirements and then define the exact Look & Feel that fits in best with all of the office spaces.”

What is the project you are most proud of?

Argo and GSJ: two fine office design and fit-out projects on the Post X site. They both promote the feeling of competitiveness and underline Alternativ’s presence on the Antwerp market.”

What’s the question you’d most like a client to ask you?

What is the added value you bring to us for increasing the performance of our company and its employees? How can you challenge us today, but especially, how can you challenge us tomorrow? How do you see the future?”

What is your main working quality?

“You’d have to ask a colleague, like Greet.” Greet’s answer: “He’s very helpful!”

Your signature?

“I’ve not been in the business for long enough to claim one. But I’m always happy to recommend Steelcase and Bolia furniture for their undeniable qualities of modularity, multipurpose uses, comfort and inspiring design – not to mention Framery acoustic booths, which both aid concentration and help keep work confidential.”

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