Efficient online meetings: 3 tips

Hybrid working has now become an integral part of our professional lives. The trend has not only affected our office layouts but also our meeting methods.

Many people no longer make their way to the office to attend a meeting because online meetings have now become the norm. This means, of course, that you could probably do with a few tips for making the most of this arrangement… 

Laptop or smartphone: pros and cons 

Many experts advise taking part in online meetings on your laptop rather than your smartphone. They argue that you must be able to take notes during the call and might have to search for items or share your screen.  

While these arguments may be valid, we would like to point out a significant disadvantage. Employees who video-call with their laptops are often distracted by incoming emails and chat messages, resulting in reduced concentration and a much less efficient meeting. A trick for sustaining the focus is to expand your online meeting to fill the whole screen and to turn off notifications so that you are not distracted or tempted to open other tabs. 

Professional clothing for online meetings 

There is a huge temptation to attend your online meetings in your jogging bottoms, with your feet tucked into cosy slippers. Nobody will see, right? However, professional clothing is vital, even for online meetings via Teams or Zoom. Dress as if you are in a physical meeting room because even though your pyjamas might not be visible on the screen, they will determine how you feel, speak and respond. One in three participants in online meetings occasionally drift off or suddenly feel a bit sleepy 1 so you certainly don’t need clothing that makes you feel like you can relax. 

Online meetings? Better in the morning! 

Finally, a study by hotel chain Hilton showed that employee productivity usually takes a dive at around 2 p.m.2 So, important online meetings should be planned in the morning, when everyone is fresher and more lively. Good luck! 

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