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Martex interpretation of the office evolution, intended as a place of sensory wellness and relationships, is inspired by the concept of the italian town square: “la piazza”; a space full of diversity and sensory stimuli, which transferred to the work environment allows a personal interpretation, according to attitudes and needs.

The urban metaphor is the interpretative key that best explains the change we are experiencing, because the square is a meeting and exchange place, the nucleus of the community, a complex space in which relationships are grafted and where the main flows of the city meet, a true incubator of relationships at the center of which are the primordial sources.

All around the square are structured the common spaces, the spaces for rest, relax and work. As an urban center, furniture support and facilitate the appropriation of space and stimulate us to develop the office environment around a convivial fulcrum, which foster positive relationships.

Let’s discover this space!

Open, the Piazza concept improves the work experience and concerns, strictly speaking, the employee who, in his or her home, is free to move around and find new perspectives within the spaces as well as in the relationships.

The Piazza consists of 8 sections that adapt to people’s preferences and the geometry of the surfaces:


Cafés and Bars are those unique places within a city where people choose to be. Likewise, the cafeteria in the office space encourages people to socialize, meet, be informed and create lasting bonds. It is a cosy and comfortable space where people can feel at ease, relax, communicate and build relationships between colleagues, during a coffee break.

Transform the traditional corporate café into an area of connection, collaboration, attention and innovation.

Meeting room

Meeting rooms can be sorted into small or large rooms, the first ones allow to organize in private and informal meetings between few people and require compact tables with simple electrification; the large one are wider spaces and make the conversations more formal and important, the furniture is more elegant and the tables may require integrated audio video arrangements.

Working Area

Operative area is the heart of the company and the place where employees work both independently and collaborating with each other; for this reason they need functional and comfortable workstations that allow them to concentrate but also to dialogue and confront each other.

Collaborative Area

They are common and informal areas that foster communication and interaction between people in the office allowing a free and spontaneous expression because not everything can be accomplished at each other’s desk and personal enrichment comes through listening, dialogue and ideas confrontation.

Teamwork encourages creativity, creating an emotional connection, promotes knowledge and cultural exchange.

Private office

Focus is an extraordinary moment in which the mind uses most of its abilities to perform a given task and for this it needs a suitable place.

The private office in fact allows you to have your own privacy and possibly accommodate few visitors, the workstations are elegant and functional with adequate space to storage.

Unassigned desk

The office is no longer the base of a production activity, but only one of the many places where it can be performed. Therefore, it’s necessary that the people on their arrival always find a ready and functional place to concentrate and allow them to have immediate access to all the resources they need.

Transitional Area

In the offices, transit areas such as corridors or small niches, are sometimes overlooked places that could become, however, well-organized areas where for example, place closets for storage or elegant cupboards or where to place colored poufs to make the most of every single space.

Lounge Area

Lounge area offers guests comfort and tranquility in moments of waiting and relaxation, and is oases where you can rest in an atmosphere of absolute peace and harmony.

An environment is designed, as a whole, to experience everyday life in a positive and stimulating way, and synthesizes the very nature of the office, namely its technical and aesthetic requirements.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Source: https://www.martex.it/our-approach/la-piazza-space-ideas/

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