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It goes without saying that your office design and layout has a huge impact on your team’s well-being. By choosing ergonomic office chairs, you reduce the risk of neck and back issues, for example. But did you know that co-working spaces also have a positive effect on your team (and on your wallet)?

A co-working space is a business area where employees from various organisations work together under the same roof. When you think of this type of office, you might think of start-ups but there are significant benefits for established companies too. 

Networking in collective spaces 

Most co-working spaces comprise a mix of spaces that are retained for the organisation itself and locations where employees from different companies can come together, such as the kitchen, the coffee corner, the relaxation area, or even meeting rooms. These collective areas are incredibly valuable in terms of networking. Not only does this lead to unexpected collaborations, your team members might well uncover the best practices from a business in a completely different sector.  Cross-industry innovation has never been so tangible. 

Good for company image and costs 

Co-working spaces are also beneficial in terms of your image. Customers and potential customers are often impressed by this type of working space and this positivity will undoubtedly rub off on both the products and services that you offer. It is also worth noting that you are saving money by sharing infrastructure with other organisations. This includes utilities, meeting rooms and a reception. 

Stamp your personality on the co-working space 

Sharing an office building with other organisations doesn’t mean that you can’t design your office layout according to your specific branding. The space which is only used by your employees should certainly be recognisable due to colours, your company’s logo and whatever else you fancy. Your company identity certainly does not have to get lost in a co-working space. Quite the opposite, in fact.  

A study by WeWork, an American property company which has a range of shared working spaces in its portfolio, showed that employees feel just as connected to their organisation in a co-working space. The results (which were published in Harvard Business Review) speak for themselves. Using responses to statements such as ‘I have a lot in common with the employees from the companies in my office building’ versus ‘I have a lot in common with the colleagues from my company’, the researchers gave all the participating companies a score from 1 (the weakest emotional and psychological connection with their own organisation) to 5 (the strongest connection). And the results? The majority scored a very healthy 4.  

Are you aiming for a 5 when it comes to employee connection? Feel free to contact our experts to see how your office design and layout can help. 

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