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Does an unwelcoming and dark office where acoustics are a disaster and which fails to provide inspiration encourage collaboration or socialising? It goes without saying that you certainly won’t attract new, talented recruits in today’s climate or retain your existing, valued employees with this type of environment.

And that’s precisely why you should focus on creating an attractive office. More specifically: that is why you must work on creating a customised office design. After all, if your business is unique, your office should be too.

Because branding is all about customisation

With any office design, your branding plays a central role. Whether you are welcoming suppliers, team leaders or customers, everybody who sets foot in your office must immediately realise that they have come to your organisation. In this context, you can use colours, give a prominent place to your logo, use drawings or slogans on the walls, and even display original signs that indicate where the toilets are or give quirky names to the meeting rooms.

What does your team need?

When designing an office, you should also consider the situations and activities on the work floor. Does everybody come into the office every day? Or are fixed desks a thing of the past because your employees are now accustomed to working from home? What do your team members really need to be able to do their jobs satisfactorily and in order to feel more at home? And just as important: how can I ensure that employees who spend the majority of their time on the roads or visiting customers maintain a strong link with the workplace and colleagues? 

These questions and others must be answered before you can understand the requirements that your customised office design must fulfil. But don’t just work with figures that are supplied by HR; go and talk to the people concerned, using surveys, brainstorming sessions, focus groups, or by means of ambassadors.

Your customised office design?

The time, the space, the budget and the objectives of each company are different. We will consider all these individual factors for our customers, and will also appoint a project manager to supervise every project step by step. Any thoughts about what we could do for you? Let us know.

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