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Is it time for an upgrade because your current design is no longer modern or because it no longer suits your image? Or would you like to divide your space up differently now that your employees often work from home? Whatever your reasoning, renovating your office is no mean feat. Use this checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Focus areas for employee well-being 

When designing an office, and also for an office renovation, you must focus on:  

  • ergonomics (to avoid the neck and back complaints which are often associated with sedentary work) 
  • light (natural light is not only more pleasant, it also boosts the immune system, cell renewal, and concentration levels.) 
  • acoustics (partition walls can help to combat noise on the work floor – a source of irritation for almost half of all employees) 

All these elements have a huge impact on employee well-being but also on your team’s creativity and productivity.  

Thinking in the long term 

Are you planning to expand your team substantially or offer extra services or products? Although that may just be a dot on the horizon, you should bear it in mind while renovating. After all, you don’t renovate your office every year! Also important for the long term: investing in sustainability. Consider the energy-efficiency of your devices, lighting and heating, and examine the environmental impact of your materials and furniture

Good planning is vital 

Of course, you will need an overview of timing and when you will be able to welcome employees and customers to your new office. Who knows, you might even organise a party to celebrate the completion of renovations! So, good planning is always important and, if you continue to use your space while the work is going on, it is absolutely vital. Your employees may not be able to use certain spaces temporarily and you might have to introduce a rotation system to avoid issues. 

Renovating your office with Alternativ 

Rest assured: you do not have to tackle your office renovation alone. The experts from Alternativ will support you with everything from lighting to floor coverings. We will work with you on design issues and provide the right furniture

Furthermore, you will be allocated a project manager who knows your project from A to Z and will supervise and monitor every detail. He or she will help you maintain an overview, monitor the budget and deadline, harmonise the various tasks with one another, and streamline the communication between the various parties. We have our network of reliable partners, but will work just as happily with the professionals of your choice.  

Feel free to get in touch for a chat. 

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