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A well-designed office not only focuses on ergonomics and employee well-being, it also stimulates creativity.

That is not only important for businesses in the creative industries; every business could use a little creativity here and there. Creative thinking helps employees conquer challenges, solve problems and launch new ideas, which all help to ensure your business keeps pace with your competitors. 

Stimulating creativity = broadening horizons 

Every idea comes from things you already know. The more you know, the greater the chance you will come up with unique ideas. That’s why stimulating creativity is often a question of talking to people, consulting books and following the news. Enable these opportunities with your office design by, for example, creating a reading corner, giving the day’s newspapers a prominent place, and encouraging communication between employees using landscape desks or a welcoming coffee corner

Leave space for boredom 

It may sound counter-intuitive, but boredom and creativity often go hand-in-hand. Our brains are rarely still because we are constantly focused on our smartphones and laptops. Make space for ideas by banning distractions and creating calm. Half an hour staring at the coffee machine or out the window while everyone leaves you in peace can work wonders. So, introduce a system where you can indicate that a certain breakout space is ‘off limits’ and that the team member may not be disturbed

From working to walking 

You can also stimulate creativity by heading off into the natural world. Many different studies have shown that this helps to stimulate curiosity, maintain an open mind and break through fixed patterns of thought. Large windows with a view of greenery can help but even office plants will have an impact.  

Finally, it is a great idea to send your employees out for regular walks, during their afternoon break for example. And why not hold your meetings while walking instead of while seated in a meeting room

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Stimulate creativity with office design

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