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Tele-working is here to stay and there are various methods for collaborating digitally. However, it is often better to be physically present in the same space as your colleagues when you are working together, e.g. brainstorming.

And, just as you encourage colleagues to come into the office with your office design, you can also support collaboration with the right choice of flexible furniture. This is clear when you see the Flex Collection from Steelcase!

Alternativ as Steelcase-partner

At Alternativ, we are enormously proud of our status as a Steelcase-partner. The American office furniture manufacturer Steelcase supplies not only products of superior quality, but the team also puts in huge efforts in terms of sustainability. This makes the brand a smart choice for a sustainable office. Steelcase was awarded the ‘2021 Better Practice’ award for excellent energy management and the year before, they earned a place in the ‘sustain[HUMAN]ability® Leadership Recognition Program’ organised by Shaw, an American carpet giant.

The Steelcase Flex Collection

With the Flex Collection, Steelcase introduced a range to the market which allows ‘dynamic collaboration zones’ to be created and which, in turn, boosts creativity and productivity and encourages cooperation. In concrete terms, you can use the furniture to set up modular and flexible spaces that can be changed to suit various methods of collaboration (from workshops to a presentation) in just a few minutes.

The Steelcase team was inspired for the collection by successful, creative tech-teams in the US, Europe and the Middle East, who they were able to observe on location. Bill Bennie, the Design Director at Steelcase, says: ‘This process did not lead to a new piece of furniture, but to a range of different items which fit together and work together. The items work well independently but, when used together, they raise one another to a higher level, just like a great team.’

We can help you choose

Want to find out how the mobile desks, height adjustable tables, whiteboards, trolleys, free-standing screens, acoustic panels and other exceptionally flexible accessories from the Steelcase Flex Collection could support collaboration within your organisation? We would love to collaborate with you! Browse the digital catalogue for more inspiration.

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