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Creation, connection, community

Alternativ knows that what matters most to employees today, especially those belonging to the so-called Generation C, is being able to connect and collaborate – physically as well as digitally. To embrace this new generation and to keep its members happy and productive, employers should provide them with the right tools and the right environment, in which each individual has full choice and full control

What that means, exactly? The answer differs from company to company. And the process of arriving at that much-needed creative, dynamic and flexible workplace, where new technologies help your team get things done, involves asking tough questions indeed. Do you really need that 60-person meeting room you use once or twice a year? What’s your plan for all those desks and chairs crowding your office, now that working from home is definitely here to stay? 

A blueprint for better businesses

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Alternativ never provides specific proposals right at the start of a new project. Rather, they challenge customers and arrive at the best solution together. Before even getting to building new workplaces, they take a step back to lay bare the skeleton of your business. What do you want to achieve? How do you work? How do your people (want to) collaborate? These discussions result in an organizational blueprint that gets fleshed out in subsequent steps, so the potential office design, the look and feel, are sure to match your company’s DNA. 

Helping Telenet make the change 

Telenet, one of the leading telecom providers in Belgium, created new work-from-home rules in light of the pandemic. They came to Alternativ because they wanted their 12.000 m2, traditionally furnished office to reflect that new policy. This was the starting point for a trajectory of co-creation, which kicked off with several workshops to gather the necessary information – from the fact that Telenet personnel is allowed to work remotely to the typical agility of the teams. All of these ingredients were then merged in a scenario, based on which Alternativ can tell Telenet what they actually need, so the provider can create a place where employees want to be rather than have to be. A rewarding result indeed!

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