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When you think of partition walls in the office you may have a vision of small, dark corners. Not exactly what you imagine in a modern office, right? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can benefit from the advantages of partition walls (and there are many different designs, as you’ll find out below) and simultaneously create the sense of space that is expected by your employees in the year 2022. How about glass partition walls

A place for your employees 

Thanks to partition walls in the office, you can offer your employees a space where they can work in peace, while still feeling as if they are part of the rest of the office. Acoustic panels certainly keep the noise within limits and this is beneficial for everyone’s concentration

Small-scale office renovation 

Partition walls are also a handy method for bringing your office design up to date, without having to realise a substantial renovation. With partition walls, you can create an extra meeting room or breakout space relatively cheaply and easily. A quick-win to divide up the space in your office differently! 

A flow, thanks to the partition walls in the office 

During the corona pandemic, there was a huge focus on the walking routes in the office, and companies implemented one-way systems wherever possible. The COVID storm has now passed but the need for a good flow in the workplace has remained. With partition walls, you can create structure and prevent excess traffic in areas where employees are trying to focus on their work.  

But it must look good too… 

Of course, partition walls are not just functional. If you make the right choices, and factor in the colours in your office space and your business identity, you can make a real difference in terms of the corporate look and feel

Want to talk? 

Can we help you with the design of your new office or the restructuring of an existing workspace? We distribute not only office furniture such as partition walls, but also provide advice and create customised office designs. Contact us for more information

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