A New Kind of Work - Alternativ - The NWOW Is Here

Many teams today are adopting design thinking methodologies and agile behaviors to structure their work.

By understanding their activities and behaviors, we can design spaces to help these teams work in new ways.

Design Thinking

A methodology for creative problem solving, this kind of work is physically and cognitively active.

Teams are leading workshops, brainstorming, filling walls and whiteboards with content and coming together to share their ideas.

Team members sit together so they can stay connected and work faster.

They also need moments of retreat from the group to focus, absorb information and process their own ideas.

People stand, sit, draw, gesture and move materials and objects.

The work is dynamic and fast-paced.


Agile is process-driven work derived from software development and now used by lots of industries to improve speed, flexibility and customer focus.

Agile teams structure their work into a sequence of activities that guide them to execute quickly, monitor progress and re-adjust workflow.

Their practice includes daily standup meetings, pair-based work, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.

These teams constantly shift between modes of work, working alone and together as the task demands.

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