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Since 2010, Framery has been helping companies to increase happiness at work with their innovative solutions.

Their key products? 3 different acoustic cabins that you can discover at the bottom of this page.  

So what are you waiting for rethinking your spaces and make your employees happy?

Be inspired by our latest realisations...

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    Serious about happiness

    Framery allows you to customize your pod according to your tastes and colors with their wide range of options.

    Choose your favourite colours and we will do the rest.

    Framery O (14)
    Framery (5)
    Framery O (12)
    Framery Q (5)
    Framery (4)
    Framery Q (6)
    Framery Q (3)
    Framery O (16)
    Framery (6)
    We spend


    years of our life to work
    A happy employee is


    more productive
    We spend


    years of our life in meetings
    We spend


    years of our life on the phone at work

    Stimulate creativity with office design

    By alexis d'archambeau | 02/08/2022

    Creativiteit stimuleren = horizon verbreden  That is not only important for businesses in the creative industries; every business could use a little creativity here and there. Creative thinking helps employees conquer challenges, solve problems and launch new ideas, which all help to ensure your business keeps pace with your competitors.  Stimulating creativity = broadening horizons  …

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    Office design? It has to be tailor-made 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 28/07/2022

    The ‘right’ office design doesn’t exist. It must simply be attuned to your employees’ tasks, who you are as an organisation, and the image you wish to project. So, a modern office is not necessarily the best match for every business. In short: office design must always be tailored to individual requirements!  Office design according …

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    Flexible working: adapt your office accordingly 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 26/07/2022

    Full-time home-working is not beneficial in terms of commitment and team spirit. Stimulating flexible working is, therefore, ideal as employees can then determine the best location for the task they must carry out. But how do you go about it? Your office layout/design plays a major role!  Flexible working… with focus  Landscape offices have been …

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    Sustainable furniture for your office: 3 focus areas 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 21/07/2022

    This means, of course, that energy wastage must be limited with efficient devices and (ideally) the use of renewable energy. But, did you know that the choice of furniture also has a huge impact on the size of your ecological footprint? That is why we are sharing a few tips on buying sustainable furniture for …

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    The advantages of a co-working space

    By alexis d'archambeau | 19/07/2022

    A co-working space is a business area where employees from various organisations work together under the same roof. When you think of this type of office, you might think of start-ups but there are significant benefits for established companies too.  Networking in collective spaces  Most co-working spaces comprise a mix of spaces that are retained …

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    A breakout space in your office? 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 14/07/2022

    But nobody wants to go back to the old fashioned desks in corners from the sixties and luckily, there’s no need. A breakout space provides employees with a space to find a little peace and focus where they can get on with their work without being interrupted.  What is a breakout space, exactly?  A breakout …

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    Turn your office into a smart office  

    By alexis d'archambeau | 12/07/2022

    Want to find out which gadgets you can’t live without in your modern office? See our ‘smart office’ tips.  1. Home automation… in the office  We have previously dealt with the importance of adequate light and ventilation and the right temperature. But, what if your office already fulfils all these parameters? Houses are becoming smart …

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    3 features of an industrial, modern office 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 07/07/2022

    What does this mean for your organisation? Find out more here.  1. Nothing to hide  One of the consequences of choosing a modern office with an industrial look is that you do not need to spend time or money on plastering all the walls and hiding pipes or other infrastructure elements. By not hiding these …

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    Integrate standing desks into your office 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 05/07/2022

    It seems obvious that you burn more calories and reduce the risk of a stiff neck or painful shoulders. But are these assumptions actually confirmed in practice? In other words, is it beneficial to include standing desks in your office layout?   Weapon in the fight against obesity?  Nobody would argue with the fact that standing …

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    Alternativ launches a new department! 

    By Alternativ Alternativ | 22/06/2022

    En het spectrum van ICT-integratie in professionele kantoren is breed! Van slimme technologie om vergaderingen te beheren en te plannen tot de oriëntatie van het bedrijf naar een hybride werkmodel en de manier waarop je interactieve schermen plaatst in samenwerkingsruimtes.

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