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Since 2010, Framery has been helping companies to increase happiness at work with their innovative solutions.

Their key products? 3 different acoustic cabins that you can discover at the bottom of this page.  

So what are you waiting for rethinking your spaces and make your employees happy?

Be inspired by our latest realisations...

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    Serious about happiness

    Framery allows you to customize your pod according to your tastes and colors with their wide range of options.

    Choose your favourite colours and we will do the rest.

    Framery O (14)
    Framery (5)
    Framery O (12)
    Framery Q (5)
    Framery (4)
    Framery Q (6)
    Framery Q (3)
    Framery O (16)
    Framery (6)
    We spend


    years of our life to work
    A happy employee is


    more productive
    We spend


    years of our life in meetings
    We spend


    years of our life on the phone at work

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