Since 2010, Framery has been helping companies to increase happiness at work with their innovative solutions.

Their key products? 3 different acoustic cabins that you can discover at the bottom of this page.  

So what are you waiting for rethinking your spaces and make your employees happy?

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Framery allows you to customize your pod according to your tastes and colors with their wide range of options.

Choose your favourite colours and we will do the rest.

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Introducing Flex Collection: an office rebellion

By caroline@alternativ.be | October 10, 2019

Staking claims Teams built barricades to claim a territory for themselves and also keep out distractions. They moved display boards, wastebaskets — anything they could find — to create boundaries. People also used signs to communicate what behaviors are acceptable among the team (e.g. “We observe silent Thursdays”.) They found noise from their own team …

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For Framery, happiness is serious!

By caroline@alternativ.be | October 3, 2019

2010, Tampere (Finland) « There were around a hundred employees working in the same open office space, two of us had enough of listening to our boss speaking constantly on his phone with a headset. It was basically impossible to concentrate on anything. We two soon came up with a less than polite proposal, that the …

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Wellbeing through workplace design

By caroline@alternativ.be | September 26, 2019

WHO described burnout as “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” WHO says you may be experiencing burnout if you feel: Energy depletion or exhaustion Increased mental distance, negative feelings or cynicism related to your job Less productive at work Thanks to the powerful studies of Rand Corp., Harvard Medical School and the …

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Explore the future of work with Steelcase x Microsoft

By caroline@alternativ.be | September 19, 2019

But this culture of collaboration cannot be created alone! By using flexible workspaces and the right technology, you will offer to your teams an unprecedented level of control and freedom over how they collaborate.  For this purpose, Microsoft launched its next generation all-in-one collaboration device built for teamwork: Surface Hub 2S. And Steelcase worked with …

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Introducing Flex Collection: the solitary genius, a shattered myth

By caroline@alternativ.be | September 12, 2019

They have quickly morphed from the hierarchy-laden culture and practices that shaped work in the past, to become modern tribes: tight-knit units that behave in fundamentally different ways than they did even five years ago. These tribes are a work family and their hallmark is hyper-collaboration, working interdependently in rapid cycles—instant messages and sticky notes …

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Need a summary of NeoCon 2019?

By caroline@alternativ.be | August 29, 2019

EMPOWERING TEAMS Steelcase Flex Mobile Power At NeoCon, Steelcase unveiled its vision for the future of power in the workplace: Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, the result of a collaboration between Steelcase and Anker, the global charging experts for smart devices. This new system can bring power anywhere teams want to work. Sleek, portable and powerful, …

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The new Bolia collection has arrived!

By caroline@alternativ.be | August 22, 2019

A design collective Bolia collaborates with a brilliant stable of world-renowned, international designers – both from upcoming, vibrant talents to established design studios. And no matter in what part of the world their designers live and breathe, they all share the same passion for Scandinavian design, natural materials and sustainable creations. Built to last Sustainability …

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Enter into the European hub of Steelcase: the Learning + Innovation Center (LINC) in Munich

By caroline@alternativ.be | August 15, 2019

This opening comes at a time when leaders and organisations worldwide are focused on staying ahead in a disruptive economy. To stay competitive and effectively innovate, organisations must become more agile and speed up the flow of information and cycles of learning to take risks and make better, faster decisions. The centre brings together over …

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Introducing Flex Collection: make room for modern tribes!

By caroline@alternativ.be | August 1, 2019

Discover more information on the Flex Collection product page! As companies look to move faster, generate original ideas and be more innovative, they require the diverse thinking and creativity found only in teams — no one person can do it alone. These hyper-collaborative teams are today’s modern tribes — a close knit unit with a …

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A great recognition for Alternativ !

By caroline@alternativ.be | July 25, 2019

In fact, the beginning of 2019 has been peppered with good news and great pride for Alternativ as Steelcase has recognised our efforts in ensuring that our customers all over Belgium enjoy an experience of the highest quality. As a result, we are delighted to announce that we have been appointed a Steelcase Platinum Partner …

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