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Since 2010, Framery has been helping companies to increase happiness at work with their innovative solutions.

Their key products? 3 different acoustic cabins that you can discover at the bottom of this page.  

So what are you waiting for rethinking your spaces and make your employees happy?

Be inspired by our latest realisations...

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    Serious about happiness

    Framery allows you to customize your pod according to your tastes and colors with their wide range of options.

    Choose your favourite colours and we will do the rest.

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    Framery O (16)
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    The impact of office design and layout on your team 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 04/05/2022

    The first offices were laid out according to Taylorism, named after Frank Taylor who introduced endless rows of office desks, with managers who would keep an eye on what was going on from the surrounding offices. Luckily, workplaces nowadays are a bit more welcoming, with a mix of corners to which you can withdraw, and …

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    The best colours for the office  

    By alexis d'archambeau | 07/04/2022

    And, when it comes to your office equipment, exactly the same applies. There are a few colours that are best avoided and a few shades that will have a positive effect on your employees. The effect that is produced, however, depends entirely on the context. In other words, you should reconcile your office colours with …

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    Choosing office furniture: 3 focus areas 

    By alexis d'archambeau | 31/03/2022

    Branding with office furniture  Office furniture is a useful tool for highlighting your company’s identity and underscoring your branding. You might want it to reflect the colours in your logo. You will certainly make an impression if this is reflected in the office chair and reception sofa upholstery or even in the floor coverings.   But …

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    Hybrid working: impact on your office design

    By alexis d'archambeau | 03/02/2022

    Even employees who had to have a really good reason to justify working from home before the corona pandemic (ranging from a boiler repair to a sick child), have good prospects of being able to regularly work several days a week from home in the post-corona era. Of course, coming into the office is still …

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    Office trends: how will we work in 2022?

    By alexis d'archambeau | 02/02/2022

    Much has been written about the pandemic that has dominated our lives over the past two years. And, in 2022, the corona virus will still influence our daily reality, even though we have become masters at flexibly adapting to a (working) context that is continuously changing. In this article about office trends for the new …

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    This is how to design a working space for lawyers

    By alexis d'archambeau | 31/01/2022

    You need to think about sustainability and other office trends and the fact that most employees are increasingly working from home. But it is your activities that will largely define the office design. Here, we will run through the requirements for a co-working space for lawyers, where privacy and security must be prioritised but not …

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    What is an ‘agile work environment’ and why is this important?

    By alexis d'archambeau | 28/01/2022

    This resulted in the introduction of multidisciplinary teams, short sprints which enabled rapid adjustments to be made, and resources such as whiteboards on which project progress could be easily displayed. There was also a growing realisation that an agile working environment is vital. Here, you will find out precisely what that means and how you …

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    Setting up your conference room? 3 focus areas

    By alexis d'archambeau | 26/01/2022

    Not everyone finds it easy to speak up during virtual meetings. Online, you also miss non-verbal cues that might indicate that certain people are not in agreement. Online meetings can be a genuine drain on your energy, particularly when there are a lot of people taking part. Isn’t it lovely to get together once in …

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    Choose the perfect ergonomic office chair

    By alexis d'archambeau | 24/01/2022

    Whether they are working at home or in the office: your employees spend a huge amount of time sitting down and neck and back problems are never far away if you fail to take account of their bodily structures and activities when choosing an office chair. But how do you find the perfect ergonomic office …

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    Acoustics in offices and working areas: source of irritation?

    By alexis d'archambeau | 05/01/2022

    When it comes to those who have spent the past few months working from home in a peaceful and quiet environment (at least when the kids are entertained) going back to work has taken some getting used to. The clackety-clack of the keyboards, the radio turned on, a team that decides to hold a spontaneous …

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