Since 2010, Framery has been helping companies to increase happiness at work with their innovative solutions.

Their key products? 3 different acoustic cabins that you can discover at the bottom of this page.  

So what are you waiting for rethinking your spaces and make your employees happy?

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Framery allows you to customize your pod according to your tastes and colors with their wide range of options.

Choose your favourite colours and we will do the rest.

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Why We Go to the Office Is Changing

By caroline@alternativ.be | February 20, 2020

While this most recent study comes from the U.S., only two American cities make the top 20 when it comes to commute times. Mexico City, London, Berlin, Paris, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto all boast the unfortunate title of some of the worst commutes in the world. This boost in bumper-to-bumper traffic adds to a growing argument for …

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Engaging the Five Senses

By caroline@alternativ.be | February 13, 2020

One company is taking a sensory approach to rehumanizing the workplace. Italian firm Il Prisma, a Steelcase distributor, used research to create LinkedIn offices in Milan, Munich, Paris and Madrid that engage the five senses—in order to better engage workers. “Our research proves that sensorial design improves concentration and learning,” says Il Prisma architect Elisabetta …

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Proud to be Gazelles 2020 and of our article in Trends Tendances!

By caroline@alternativ.be | February 6, 2020
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Working in symbiosis  

By caroline@alternativ.be | January 30, 2020

Cramped in its former offices in town, GSJ advocaten, one of the largest law firms in greater Antwerp, opted to move to the new POST X office complex next to the Berchem railway station and the Antwerp ring road.  GSJ has rented three floors with nearly 3,000 m² of office space. Alternativ won the contract …

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Alternativ, nominated for Trends Gazelle 2020!

By caroline@alternativ.be | January 23, 2020

For 19 years now, the editorial staff of Trends-Tendances and Trends has been selecting 225 Trends Gazelles in each province. These fast-growing companies are not only a source of energy and employment for our economy but also a real inspiration for entrepreneurs. The selection of Trends Gazelles is based on the growth of the last …

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VodafoneZiggo creates agile headquarters

By caroline@alternativ.be | January 9, 2020

VodafoneZiggo describes itself as the driver of Dutch digitalization, building the network of the future. From video conferencing to entertainment, from fixed to mobile, the Dutch company connects consumers and businesses. Vodafone, a leading mobile business, and Ziggo, a successful broadband and TV business, came together in 2016 and in the fall of 2018 moved …

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A Day in the Life of an Agile Team

By caroline@alternativ.be | December 19, 2019

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a way for makers to become more efficient, improve quality and control costs. Kim’s IIoT team is the engine behind turning those ideas into reality. They create platforms that allow Steelcase to collect facility data around the world and display it visually to help people make better decisions. …

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The Human, the machine & the creativity

By caroline@alternativ.be | December 5, 2019

Between 1982 and 2012 employment grew significantly faster in occupations that embraced the use of computers. As automation eliminated routine, repetitive work, humans had more time to do what machines can’t do—creative work. The future will need everyone to unleash their creative potential to solve complex problems, make new connections and generate ideas. The future …

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Six Education + Work Trends from Generation iGen

By caroline@alternativ.be | November 21, 2019

Born between 1995–2012, iGen is the first generation to never experience a world without universal access to the internet and personal devices. By the time the first group of iGeners turned five-years-old, Y2K and the worry of crashing computer networks saturated the news. With technology tied to their earliest memories, it’s easy to understand why …

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A Startup Mindset: pushing boundaries in large organizations

By caroline@alternativ.be | November 14, 2019

Sometimes called “entrepreneurs in residence,” intrapreneurs are the boundary-pushing, out-of-the-box innovators in large organizations. These big thinkers flourish and fully flex their creative muscles when specific conditions are met within their organizations. To fuel their work, they often lead their own teams, desire control when hiring, strive to set their own project parameters and actively …

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