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Support for the reconfiguration of your workspace

How can the productivity be optimized without compromising the safety?

You need to rethink, reconfigure and redesign the organization of the workspace!

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    Be Covid-safe today

    And anticipate, in the near future, the post-Covid world

    01. Today

    Home-working is maintained wherever possible. This is the moment to redesign professional workspaces in line with government, European and global health and safety directives.

    We help you take the right measures in terms of workplace protection (sanitary terminals, partitions, door elbow rests, etc.), cleaning of shared work equipment and signage.

    But that won't be enough. We must, as of now, reduce the density of employees per m², reorient the workstations to avoid opposite sides, add transparent partitions, etc.

    02. In the near future

    When the lockdown measures are completely removed, many employees will return to work. But Covid-19 will still be present on our territory, so a second viral wave will have to be avoided.

    We are helping you, as of today, to completely rethink the workspace to make it as safe as possible in the long term.

    A few examples? Smooth surfaces that are easy to disinfect, anti-microbial seat coverings, areas that can be redesigned for unexpected events, open areas for communication without moving, installation of audio and video conferencing to optimize the company's reactivity if employees have to travel less...

    03. In the long term

    We must reinvent a world of work that is capable of adapting its approach to each crisis, whether health, economic or social.

    The work space will have to contribute to the well-being of employees, as their sense of security has physical, cognitive and emotional dimensions.

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    Here are some examples of reconfigurations

    Currently In the near future

    Workstation : bench


    In the near future

    In the long term



    In the near future

    In the long term

    Collaboration space


    In the long term

    Meeting space


    In the long term

    Meeting space


    In the long term

    Social space


    In the long term

    Social space


    In the long term

    Training space


    In the long term

    Photos & illustrations: Steelcase

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