What Workers Told Us About Collaboration

Global study reveals universal conditions needed for successful collaboration. Here they are! Lire plus

Explore the future of work with Steelcase x Microsoft

Nowadays, designing a culture of collaboration at work is essential to increase the ideation, innovation, employees’ skills, and remote teams’ efficiency. It's why Steelcase and Microsoft have been working together since 2017 to explore how a thoughtfully-designed ecosystem of places and devices can support the new ways teams and individuals are working. They work together with a shared commitment to put people at the center of how place and technology intersect and empower individuals Lire plus

Een nieuwe manier van werken

Tegenwoordig maken veel teams gebruik van ontwerpmethodologieën en hanteren ze agile gedrag om hun werk te structureren. Om ruimtes te kunnen ontwerpen die aangepast zijn aan deze innovatieve aanpak, moeten we eerst hun activiteiten en hun werking begrijpen. Lire plus

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