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2024 - 500 m2 - Design & Build

Reinventing Brand Image in the Workplace

In contemporary workspaces, brand image is a crucial element for a company’s success. In 2020, Howden Belgium enlisted the help of Alternativ for the design of its new office located in Zaventem. By 2023, a new challenge arose: the company completely revamped its brand identity, and this needed to be reflected in its physical spaces. With this goal in mind, Howden Belgium sought the expertise of Alternativ to rethink and renovate its offices, ensuring they fully embodied its new identity and colors while guaranteeing functionality and comfort for its employees. Additionally, as part of its expansion, the company also planned the layout of a new 230m² floor, integrated into this overall renovation project to meet the growing needs of the company.

Needs analysisand Co-Creation

We began this project by carefully analyzing Howden Belgium’s specific needs.  « To design custom solutions, we needed to understand how teams worked. Who are the users of this space? What are their work modes? How many would be on this floor, and how often would they need to collaborate? » explains Blandine Mobio, Project Manager at Alternativ.

« By working closely with Herman Kerremans, CEO of Howden, and Nancy Wijnants, CEO’s Executive Assistant, we were able to integrate the company’s visions and aspirations while providing our technical expertise. »

Bold Design and Refined Elegance

To embody Howden Belgium’s brand image, Alternativ adopted a refined yet effective approach. « We used the brand’s iconic color, green, thoughtfully. Far from just a green or vegetal universe, we integrated it through geometric shapes and hand-painted graphics, creating a visually striking yet non-oppressive connection. The highlight for the Howden team was our proposal to create a wooden slat wall, revealing appliances and storage in a new light. The decorative claustra adds a distinctive style while maintaining its warm signature in this new workspace. We also paid special attention to lighting effects to enhance the space and create a welcoming ambiance. »

The result? A space that exudes modernity and elegance while remaining true to Howden’s identity.

Comfort and Well-being at the Heart of Design

Aware of the importance of employee well-being, Howden Belgium ensured that the chosen furniture was ergonomic and comfortable. « We opted for adjustable height Steelcase furniture to promote a healthy posture tailored to each individual. »

Furthermore, the creation of various zones, such as socialization, collaboration, and concentration areas, allows each employee to find the environment that best suits them for effective work.

Sustainability and Eco-Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is central for Howden. That’s why we worked to integrate sustainable solutions into the project. « For example, we chose to retain the existing high-quality carpet, aiming for reuse and waste reduction » says Blandine.

Moreover, replacing luminaires with LEDs and selecting durable materials over time were choices made with a positive impact on the planet in mind.

Challenges and Successes

Despite some technical challenges, particularly related to finishing details due to the building’s structure, Alternativ met the challenge. « The work on the finishes was particularly meticulous, but we are proud to have delivered this result within the given deadlines » asserts Blandine.

The success of this project was such that Howden Belgium enlisted Alternativ to replicate the same concept in another office in Antwerp. For Blandine Mobio and the entire Alternativ team, working on the Howden Belgium project was an enriching experience. « There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing ideas come to fruition and contributing to the creation of a workspace that is both aesthetic, functional, and aligned with the company’s identity » she concludes.

Before/After: From 2020 to 2024

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