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2022 - 820 m2 - Design & Build

Office branding – added value for business

Office branding involves personalising offices so that they reflect the company’s identity. The workplace then becomes an attractive element, a vector of the company’s brand image.  UNICEF Belgium is setting an example, with the help of the team at Alternativ who, under Sales & Project Manager Natalie Schoonjans, built a workspace that inspires employees and visitors and welcomes children.

We are in the Gare Maritime, an energy-neutral building that combines high performance in the field of sustainability with the renting of office and event space. These features attracted UNICEF Belgium, which rented 821 m2 of office space. The aim was to establish a dynamic, open working environment to welcome their team, partners, supporters and young visitors.

A Children’s House at the heart of the working environment

After the Second World War, millions of children needed humanitarian aid, and UNICEF was created to help them. Today, UNICEF is needed more than ever to ensure the well-being of children and respect of their rights. UNICEF Belgium, one of the 34 national committees in the world, takes care of this by raising funds for UNICEF International programmes and by raising awareness among the Belgian public and policy makers of the circumstances of children in Belgium and across the world.

We put our heart into conveying the virtuous mission and values of UNICEF through its workspace. As UNICEF Belgium organises training and events and welcomes numerous visitors, it was essential to give a strong identity to the organisation through the design of its office.

Natalie Schoonjans – Sales and Project Manager

“We opted for a large, open work area to symbolise transparency. The workspace consists of a working area with desks and acoustic booths where employees can isolate themselves. There is also an informal collaboration and gathering area which, by its nature, is much more convivial.


To highlight UNICEF Belgium’s mission to protect all vulnerable children and to protect children’s rights in the working environment, we created a house as the primary element of the design, to symbolise safety. This welcoming space, which acts as a reception area and a flexible office, immediately appealed to the UNICEF Belgium team. We also worked with a number of UNICEF suppliers and partners, focusing on sustainable materials, natural wood and soft colours. Large-format UNICEF children’s photos adorn the walls of many of the rooms, to add a more colourful and vibrant finishing touch. This project is the result of a process of co-creation and of understanding the needs of the team. We are really proud to have been able to work with such an organisation pursuing such an important mission.” 

Project Manager: Natalie Schoonjans

Designer : Victoria Panenhoat

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Private: Framery Q


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Private: Framery 2Q