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2024 - 4000 m2 - Design & Build

A sustainable transformation for Partena Professional’s new office

Partena Professional recently achieved a significant milestone by relocating its headquarters to new office in the heart of Brussels. But this move is not just a change of location, it is a profound transformation, imbued with a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing the ARIA building, just a stone’s throw away from the central station, Partena Professional is contributing to the promotion of soft mobility among its teams.

To successfully carry out the transformation of a 4000m2 space spread over four floors, Partena chose Alternativ with a clear ambition: to focus on employee well-being and innovation in the workspace.

In close collaboration with Katelijne Moncarrey, Project Manager, and Jean Michel Danneau, Procurement & Facilities Director at Partena, Alternativ was guided by their expertise and strategic vision, inspiring a fruitful co-creation process.

Natalie Schoonjans, Project Manager, and Delphine Fromont, Interior Designer, have thought, conceptualized, designed, and supervised this project from A to Z.

A Fruitful Collaboration for Tailored Design

From the outset of the project, Partena Professional expressly sought the expertise of Brainmove, a company specializing in workplace analysis and strategy, for a comprehensive and in-depth approach to the project.

In collaboration with Brainmove, Alternativ embarked on a thorough analysis and bespoke design. Every aspect, from interior layout to furniture selection, was meticulously examined to meet the strictest requirements for well-being, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Special Attention to Eco-Responsibility, Sustainable Furniture, and Local Suppliers

Alternativ ensured to select Belgian suppliers for the furniture, as part of their commitment to sustainability and support for the local economy. Each piece of furniture was chosen considering its environmental impact, and the selected brands have demonstrated their commitment to a sustainable future.

A Transformation that Goes Beyond Physical Space

But this transformation goes well beyond creating a simple physical space. It embodies the meeting of a visionary team and a corporate culture focused on innovation and self-improvement. Every day, Partena Professional’s new workspace is the scene of new ideas, fruitful collaborations, and a renewed commitment to excellence.

A Successful Partnership for an Inspiring Transformation

In summary, the collaboration between Partena Professional, Alternativ, and Brainmove has resulted in a revolutionary transformation of workspaces. By combining expertise, creativity, and commitment, these companies have succeeded in creating an environment where innovation thrives, well-being is a priority, and every employee feels inspired to give their best.

Partena Professional’s new office is much more than just a workplace. It is a reflection of a bold vision and shared values, thus embodying the future of work.

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