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What about promoting happiness at work?

Absenteeism from work isn’t something you can solve by clicking your fingers.

But if improving the space where people work could be one of the factors that help prevent people from staying away from work, then it’s high time we gave them (back) the desire to go to the office!


Alternativ expands its range of “hygge” furnishings

Alternativ is particularly pleased to tell you that Steelcase has signed a new partnership agreement with Bolia, the manufacturer and designer of contemporary furniture.

Alternativ will distribute the Bolia collection, strengthening its impressive array of Scandinavian design.


And what if Agile Working was meant for you?

What is Agile Working?

The word “agile” means: quick-minded, lively.

Insert it into the world of work and agile can mean responding more quickly, can’t it? That’s right.

In fact, Agile methods are defined as taking an iterative approach to work (i.e. making progress by repetition rather than in a linear way) and being incremental  (bringing added value to every “scrap” of a project).

It’s an empirical and flexible method that involves the client from the beginning to the end of the project and where adjusting to change becomes a priority.

And, as we shall see, these new ways of working mean reorganising our workspace.



This is not a catalog but an information magazine !

It would be crazy to try and deny the impact that technological evolution has had on the way work is organised.

And crazy to try and ignore that fact that all of these new technologies are anything but a way of life for millennials (i.e. the 18 to 40-year-olds who represent 50% of the world’s active workforce).

Worse still, it would be crazy to deny that the needs and expectations of millennials as part of the business model are reshaping the power maps within companies.

So, don’t even think about any thrusting business worth its salt not using new information and communication technologies (NICT) for attracting and retaining new talent.

And it would also be crazy to deny that in order to succeed, we need to bring everyone together by applying intergenerational management.


Download here our magazine "Vision"


The issue is communication

The Trenker pharmaceuticals group is one of those family stories that we all love.

An independent, versatile company that looks ahead fearlessly to the future.

So, to deal with the fast-growing volume in the production of dietary supplements, Trenker decided in October 2017 to bring together its three operating companies at a new location based in Nivelles.

The move provided an opportunity to create a new working environment designed and implemented by Alternativ in which interpersonal communication is an essential element.


Moving gives you wings !

Why make things complicated when they can be simple?

Choosing a single point of contact to guide us through our relocation and setting up our new offices enabled us to save a huge amount of time.


Maintaining the quality of relationships: easier said than done!

If they want to keep on progressing, ambitious companies have to constantly reinvent themselves.

And to do that, they often need to take an entirely fresh look at things and redefine some of their priorities at the heart of their organisational transformations.

Such as how do you maintain the quality of relationships inside an office or branch when you’re so busy growing outside it? And what’s the best way to use the workspace you have to strengthen communication with your customer?

So many considerations that require the expertise of a specialist external consultant.


And what if we opened our arms wide and created… more space?

Is your business recruiting as fast as it can go?

Congratulations! But does that mean you’ll soon be feeling hemmed in by your existing space?

Never fear!We have plenty of great ideas for rethinking and reallocating the space you have now to make your offices seem a whole lot bigger than they really are!

We call it optimising your workspace.


Are you ready to rethink your working environment?

Open-plan offices are noisy! Wrong.

Don’t touch the boss’s desk. Wrong.


New offices for Tessares

Alternativ is proud to announce their collaboration with Tessares for the lay-out of their new offices in the Monnet center at Mont Saint Guibert.

We wish them good luck in their new flex work environment.


"We give preference to a relationship of trust "

“We have worked with Alternativ in the past and very much appreciated their attention to detail and the project manager’s ability to listen.

The teams in the field are exceptionally efficient.

We give preference to a relationship of trust and again appointed Alternativ to design the offices for the FLINN law practice”.