Studio Alliance - A new partner of Alternativ Workspace Solutions

Studio Alliance

Recognising that each country has a different language, specific regulations and a unique culture means Global Property Directors often “reinvent the wheel” for each new project. Studio Alliance has been created to offer their clients continuity of supply, ease of communication and guaranteed quality.

The members provide a range of services including workplace consultancy, architectural and interior design, fit out and furnishing of commercial offices. They share best practice, knowledge, experiences and the occasional bottle of wine!

Clients include international end user occupiers, co-working operators, asset managers and real estate advisors; all of whom benefit from the members international vision and local expertise.

Studio Alliance assists corporate occupiers and landlords throughout Europe.

Alternativ, member of Studio Alliance, offers corporate occupiers and landlords local market knowledge combined with the experience of working in over 5,000 buildings throughout Europe.

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The principal services of Studio Alliance members

01. Workplace consultancy
02. Architectural and interior design
03. Fit out and furnishing of commercial offices

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